1984 - 2018                    34 Years of Psychology

in the service of people, business, policy-makers and society


The motivation behind ECC European Career Coachingg®

In 1984, I attended the international 'Faisons l`Europe Ensemble' conference in Paris. Major players from politics and business gave speeches defending the European idea, something that has always fascinated me. What at that time was a mere dream of the future has now become reality.

Tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis (Times change, and we change with them):

After 22 years in an international consulting capacity for IST this adage also applied to us. In 2006, inspired by the European idea, and invigorated by years of intercultural and international experience, particularly in the field performance diagnostics and career coaching, we renamed the company ECC* European Career Coaching®.

Our name reflects our key areas of activity:
Personnel consulting, staff assessment, aptitude testing, career counselling, intelligent psychology, international, intercultural.

The name also signifies a return to our professional roots: Paris in 1984.

In 2014, we celebrated our 30th anniversary, and we would like to thank our business partners, clients and supporters. We look forward to continued long-term cooperation with our business partners and colleagues, and of course with Jobfidence, the psychological measurement method for assessing performance qualifications.

Yours sincerely, Dorothea Böhm