1984 - 2019        35 years of psychological counselling - we thank our clients

January 1984, Paris

Psychologist Dorothea Böhm began her psychological consultancy activities in France. She set up an institute of applied psychology, which she ran in Paris (until 1996) and still runs in Munich. Between 1984 and 2005 she was an associate of the Intelligenz System Transfer group.

1984 - 1996, Paris

Her principal focus in France was directed at staff assessment, organisational consulting, and management training for French and international firms. These were chiefly technical companies in the semiconductor, chemistry, computer science, automobile, machine tool, electronics and medical technology industries. Memberships of the French-African Engineering Club (ATA Association Technique Africaine) and the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce (COFACI) promoted the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and culture, and helped to build a solid network.

She is still in regular contact with many of her former French business partners including entrepreneurs, most of whom are retired, and managers, several of whom have left France to take on major positions abroad, forging significant international careers.

1984 - 1996, Germany

Dorothea Böhm was able to gain experience of the following fields during her work with her network partners: nuclear licensing procedures, large-scale recruitment assignments, bank mergers, merchandise and consumer products marketing, comparative assessment of services, media appearances, TV show concepts.

1984 - 2000, Munich

In 1984, while still in France, Dorothea Böhm began to acquire a corporate clientèle in Germany, mostly in Bavaria, which she expanded upon her return from France in 1996. In particular, she worked in the field of personnel selection and staff assessment in the construction industry, computer companies, commercial vehicle industry, automotive industry and the insurance sector.

1994, Munich

Dorothea Böhm set up JCC* Junior Career Coaching®, a career counselling service for young people. The first ECC® coaching methods were also developed during this period.

Ab 1999, Munich

As her experience and expertise grew, so the requests for interviews and media contributions on various topics pertaining to all aspects of professional and everyday life began to increase.

2000 - 2006, Germany

As the number of suitable candidates able to meet the growing demands of industry and commerce reduced, the need for efficient candidate selection, assessment of potential, and personnel qualification increased. Coaching finally became an accepted concept. Collaborations with Jobfidence - partner institutes provided knowledge sharing and new applications. Following a change in the law, university aptitude testing also began to gain in importance at German universities.

January 2006, Munich

Company renamed ECC* European Career Coaching®.