Career and life planning

In 1994, Dorothea Böhm expanded her consulting services and created two psychological career and life counselling programmes for private people (individuals, groups). So far, around 1850 people have received private counselling.

JCC* JUNIOR CAREER COACHING®  -   Celebrating our 25th anniversary

You've made it! ... what about your children?

JCC* Junior Career Coaching® is a counselling programme for young people aged 14-30:
Students, high-school graduates, graduates, young career starters, trainees, junior managers, successors in family owned businesses

We offer modern, science-based and personalised career and life coaching for private individuals.

Help your children...

face the future with confidence and motivation.

SCC* Senior Career Coaching®

You can do it if you assess yourself properly!

SCC* Senior Career Coaching® is a career planning programme for people aged 40 and over.

Designed to help you make decisions and benefit from job opportunities and skills by means of a realistic performance profile.


JCC -  Junior Career Coaching
SCC - Senior Career Coaching

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